Estate Auctions

Legacy Auction Group provides professional, estate auction services in Kansas City, Lawrence and the surrounding areas. 

Estate auctions are an efficient and profitable solution to settle an estate or sell your personal property during a downsize or a move.


- In most cases, the sale takes place on one day only.

- We generally sell 90-100% of the merchandise. 

- There is no ceiling for realized prices.

STEP 1: Pre-Auction

During this stage, our team takes an inventory and photographs of the property to sell. We also organize the merchandise to prepare for the auction. 

STEP 2: Auction Day

Our team handles all aspects of the auction from cashiering to security.

STEP 3: Post-Auction

Our team will conduct a clean-out, if desired, and Legacy Auction Group will send you a check within 10 business days. 

STEP 1: Pre-Auction

Legacy Auction Group will organize the home in a pleasing and efficient manner in order to realize top dollar. Professional photographs will be taken of the items. 


- Online auction websites 

- Paid social media ads

- Email blasts

- Newspaper advertisements

- Directional and placement signage 

- Flyers

STEP 2: Auction Day

Legacy Auction Group will all the staff and equipment in order to conduct the most successful auction possible!


Our staff includes cashiers, clerks, ringmen, auctioneers, security, parking attendants, etc.

We provide tables and linens, display cases, signage, wireless PA system, fully electronic cashier and clerking systems, etc. 

We accept cash, valid check and credit cards as payment.

STEP 3: Post-Auction

Legacy Auction Group will provide the seller with a check minus their commission and applicable costs within ten business days. You will receive a receipt of every item sold. We can also provide a clean-out if desired. 

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