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Advantages of the Auction Method

- No "ceiling" for sale price

- Competitive bidding determines "fair market value" of the asset

- Buyers come prepared to purchase

- The entire process can be conducted in thirty days or less

- Seller can tailor the sale around their terms


Whether we are selling an executive home or a small estate auction, we primarily follow the same steps in our auction process. 

Step 1 | Consultation:

Schedule a free, no obligation, in-home consultation where one of our representatives will walk-through the property with you and discuss the unique needs of your situation and how we can best help you.

Step 2 | Marketing:

After a contract has been established, Legacy Auction Group will go to work. Our team will begin photographing your property and advertising your sale. The marketing package includes advertisement by MLS home listing (where applicable), professional photography, flyers, placement and directional signage, many online websites, social media platforms, mailers, newspaper ads, open houses/previews, and much more. 

Step 3 | Set-Up:

Legacy Auction Group will work seamlessly to prepare the property for auction. We also offer the ability to move your items off-site with a in-house packing and moving team. At an on-site auction, our team will merchandise your items on professional tables with linens. Items will be pulled out from every nook and cranny on your property to be presented for sale. Locking display cases will be used for jewelry, coins or other valuables. We also offer in-house cleaning services. 

Step 4 | Auction Day:

Legacy Auction Group will professionally handle every aspect of the auction. We provide all staff from additional auctioneers, cashiers, clerks, ringmen and support staff. Professional equipment will be utilized throughout the auction. 

Step 5 | Post-Auction:

Legacy Auction Group will issue the seller a check minus their commission and any other costs/fees (if applicable) within five business days. We also offer professional, in-house post-auction cleaning services. 

Questions? Want to set up a free, no obligation consultation? Feel free to reach out!

Photos of past auctions:


Legacy Auction Group has marketed and sold a multitude of different types of properties at public auction. From commercial and industrial locations to executive homes to farmland to investment properties, we have experience in nearly every type of property in the Kansas City area, Lawrence and beyond. 

In short, real estate auctions are an effective, efficient and easy way to market and sell any type of property. 

We can market and sell a property in 30 days or less!

Our extensive marketing exposure of real estate includes traditional MLS listing, many online websites, newspapers, mailers, placement and directional signage, flyers, professional photography, drone and video services, social media platforms and more.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation property analysis. 


Settling an Estate? Moving? Downsizing?


These are all excellent reasons to have an auction. Legacy Auction Group has conducted hundreds of successful auctions.

We have experience working with all clients from neighbors to trust officers to executors to lawyers to banks and everywhere in between.

We have the ability to work on-site from your property or we can seamlessly pack and move the estate to our auction gallery in Lawrence, Kansas. 

From vehicles to jewelry to furniture to tools, we can sell everything in one of our estate auctions! 

We handle all of the operations from beginning to end. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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