Our Estate Auction Company Has 60+ Years Connecting Buyers and Sellers

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Legacy Auction Group & Realty is a full-service estate auction company with live auctioneer specialists able to help you with a downsize or move when you need it! An estate auction company serves as an intermediary between sellers looking to liquidate estate assets and buyers interested in purchasing these items.

These companies typically provide a platform or service for conducting online or in-person auctions where estate items such as furniture, artwork, collectibles, antiques, and other valuables are sold to the highest bidder. Legacy's licensed and certified auction team has the experience and knowledge necessary to manage your estate auction services to the very end. Estate auctions can involve many items, including furniture, antiques, collectibles, artwork, jewelry, and more. These auctions are typically held when someone passes away, and their belongings need to be liquidated, or when someone is downsizing or moving and wants to sell a significant portion of their possessions. Here's how the process of connecting buyers and sellers generally works:

  • Seller Engagement: The estate auction company meets with the seller to assess the items to be sold. This involves cataloging the items, determining their value, and discussing the auction terms, including fees and commissions.
  • Marketing and Promotion: The auction company promotes the upcoming auction through various channels, such as online listings, advertisements, email newsletters, and social media platforms. This helps attract potential buyers to participate in the auction.
  • Auction Event: On the scheduled auction day, either online or at a physical location, buyers bid on the items they want to purchase. The auctioneer oversees the bidding process, accepting bids until there are no further offers.
  • Transaction Management: Once the auction concludes, the estate auction company facilitates the transaction between the seller and the winning bidders. This includes collecting buyer payments, coordinating item pickup or delivery, and ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed.
  • Settlement: After the auction, the estate auction company provides the seller with a settlement statement detailing the proceeds from the sale, any fees or commissions deducted, and any remaining unsold items.

A full-service estate auction company handles all the logistical, technical, and administrative aspects of organizing an auction, allowing the client to efficiently sell items while reaching a wide audience of potential buyers.

We have the marketing capabilities and experience to generate top dollar and global exposure for your property. Serving major companies, US Bank Trust Department, attorneys, executors, and many more clients. Another essential thing to mention is that Legacy is fully licensed, bonded, and insured in Kansas and Missouri. A professional estate auction company can take your events to the next level, increasing the money raised for you or your business. Legacy Auction Group and Realty have your back for whatever auction services you need! Based in Kansas City, we also service the areas of Lee’s Summit, Independence, Blue Springs, and Lawrence, KS. Our main goal is to educate and make this transition period as smooth as possible for you. Contact us at (816) 820-3313 or visit our website to schedule a FREE consultation today.